Gene Rayburn Net Worth 2020.

The black and white era was pretty awesome — today, we are talking about an artist who is famous now as he was during the black and white movie era. This is none other than Gene Rayburn. He accumulated a considerable amount of net worth from his career. However, this actor has already passed away. More information regarding Gene Rayburn net worth.

Who is Gene Rayburn?

Gene Rayburn was a renowned and reputed radio and TV personality. Initially, he started his career as radio anchor. He was running a show named drive time radio in the channel WNEW which is now renamed to WBBR. After some time in WNEW, he started appearing in Broad Way Musical named as ‘Bye Bye Birdie.’

After this, Gene jumped into the television industry. Initially, he became the original announcer of Steve Allen’s Tonight. Further, he now started making an appearance in the show ‘The Names the Same.’ After this, he then began to climb up the steps towards success. He became the anchor of the show ‘Make the Connection.’ Later on, he was allowed to host his own game.

The name of the show is ‘Match Game.’ This the game that brought Gene to the famousness that he currently has. The great personality came into this world on December 22 of 1917. His home town is Illinois, which is in the United States. There is not much information regarding the name of his parents and the number of siblings that he has.

Gene Rayburn was a married man. The name of his wife, now widow, is Helen Ticknor. There is no official information regarding the time when the couple started dating or the place where they met initially. However, we have the information that the duo tied their knot back in 1940. After this, they were living a pretty happy and blissful life.

Furthermore, the couple also shares a child. The name of the child is Lynne. However, we don’t have any liable information about the child. Sadly, Gene Rayburn has already gone to the other side. He passed away on November 29, 1999.

Gene Rayburn Net Worth.

The celebrity had accumulated a considerable amount of net worth from his career. Most of his income comes from his hit career. In addition to this, he also did various brand endorsements and also had appeared in many movies and TV shows, which also provided support to his net worth. Talking about his salary, he must have had a considerable amount of it.

However, we don’t have any precise information regarding the exact amount of wages that he used to gain annually. At the time of his death, Gene Rayburn’s net worth was $4 million.

House and Cars

We don’t have the information regarding Dene Rayburn’s house, its cost and the facilities included. But, by the looks of it, Gene had a vast and luxurious mansion and various real states across the United States.

Gene Rayburn Net Worth

Talking about his cars, we also don’t have any precise information regarding it. We do know that Gene Rayburn did have a lot of beautiful and luxurious cars parked in his garage. However, we don’t have the information about how many cars he owned and the names of the vehicles that he had.

Gene Rayburn: Quick Information

NameGene Rayburn
Net Worth$4 million
Age81 years (at time of death)
Date of Birth22/12/1917
Date of Death29/11/1999