Jake Paul Net Worth 2020: How Rich is Jake Paul?

Born in Cleveland, Ohio, the United States in a middle-class family, Jake Paul has risen into an internet superstar with his video channel on the popular app Vine. Apart from that, the internet celebrity holds an interest in acting and modelling. Before his career in movies or as an internet sensation, Jake Paul was into professional wrestling. In the same period, he was trying to get into Navy Seal and was undertaking training as well. The considerable net worth of the star now allows him to lead a comfortable life.

 Who is Jake Paul? His career information

Jake Paul is a vine (now defunct) star. He initially rose to fame when his short video went viral and grabbed the eyeballs one million followers in just five months. As far as the reports are concerned, before this, he was in competitive wrestling and wanted to pursue his career in the navy. His brother, Logan Paul is also an internet phenomenon on his own.  Jake Paul is also accessible on Musical.ly and has a fan base over 1.8 million. His ability to complete difficult scenes in one take earned him the title “One Take Jack.” The internet sensation has over five million followers on Facebook, over 11 million followers on Instagram and over 15 million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

Moreover, keeping good things aside, the YouTube sensation has been associated with many cases for his unruly behaviour. On April 2018, Cobra Acquisitions, the company that hosts Jake Paul sued him for $2.5 million when the star made his address public and fans surrounded the house. Further, Disney made a statement that they were no longer associated with Jake Paul due to his rough behaviours and violent nature. Despite all these happenings, the star lives a life of his own with a huge net worth to his name.

Work Highlights

Jake Paul’s success in the field of internet comics was unplanned and sudden. He had casually posted a funny video of six seconds on then-popular platform Vine. The video became viral in five months without any promotion. This led Jake Paul to think about a career in video making.

He started posting his funny videos on the platform. By the time the platform was shut down, he had a following of 5.3 million followers and 2 billion plays of his videos. According to reports, in 2015, Jake Paul announced that he would be working along the Disney Channel on a show called Bizaardvark.

Later on, in 2017, he started an influencer marketing firm, named Team 10. The firm revolved around teen entertainment.  According to the sources, the firm got a good number of investors like Danhua Capital, Vayner Capital, A-Grade Investments, Horizons Alpha. The funding helped the star to boast a considerable net worth.

Jake Paul Net Worth 2020: $8 Million.

Most of his earning came from his favourite TV series named Bizaardvark. His other sources of income include his YouTube channel, his merchandises and the companies he owns or works as a partner.

Jake Paul Net Worth

Jake Paul’s net worth is estimated to be around $8 million.

House and Car details

Jake Paul is currently living in Las Vegas. It is presently expected that he spends around $17,000 over a mansion in Beverly Grove as rent. According to some reports, it is also likely that he had bought a new property in the Calabasas area of California.

Regarding his car, Jake Paul repeatedly appears with his Lamborghini Aventador on his YouTube channel. The extravagant spending didn’t affect his net worth much.

Quick Info-Table

NameJake Paul
Net Worth$8 million dollars
ProfessionEntrepreneur, Blogger
BirthdateJanuary 17, 1997