NigaHiga (Ryan Higa) Net Worth.

YouTube has built a plethora of celebrities over the years. Nigahiga is an American YouTube personality of Japanese origin. His name real name is Ryan Higa. Nigahiga is an individual who involves himself with a couple of activities apart from his doing well in the YouTube world. He is involved in production as well as acting, things which seem to contribute more to his success. Know what Ryan Higa’s net worth stands at.

Short Info.

Nigahiga is a platform name Ryan Higa earned himself due too his stint on YouTube. Currently, it is reported that Nigahiga from his innovative nature has achieved to captivate a large population using YouTube with over 3 billion being viewers, whereas 19 million happen to be subscribers.

All this population revealing how much they love the star. If by any chance you have ever come across Nigahiga’s YouTube channel, then there are high chances that you are familiar to the phrase ‘TEEHEE’. This phrase is not just but a line to increase the word count, but Nigahiga uses it as a captivating phrase to market his videos.

The star was born on the 6th of June 1990 as Ryan Higa in Hilo, Hawaii. Nigahiga has participated in judo and is recognized to have a Judo. The onset of Nigahiga’s YouTube race began in 2006 after his creation of a YouTube channel and currently, he owns two channels.

Ryan Higa’s Net Worth $ 10 million.

Just as other celebrities, do you wish to know the net worth of Ryan Higa? Absolutely yes. And to clear your doubt, just as much as the other celebrities, Ryan is a wealthy man.

NigaHiga Net Worth

His primary source of income is his active involvement in the YouTube world. It is the crucial player in his net worth.

Alongside this, his involvement in comedy, acting together with him being a producer have contributed to his massive wealth. Based on statistics, Ryan reportedly pockets between $5.6 and $8.2k monthly and $67k to $1.1 million per year so you can imagine the amount of his wealth. Ryan Higa’s net worth is $ 10 million.

As a wealthy celebrity, Ryan owns a couple of luxurious properties including his house in Las Vegas, Nevada U.S which he paid $1 million for. Including the machines owned by the You Tuber are an Audi and Ford. It is approximated that the vehicles Ryan owns are valued at $500k.

From his massive wealth, Ryan is subjected to tax equal to the amount of wealth he has. According to the current statistical report, Ryan is taxed a total of $ 5148,533 on all his assets, including his $10 net worth.

Quick check information on Nigahiga.

Birth nameRyan Higa
age29 years old
Date of birthJune 6th, 1990
Place of birthHilo, Hawaii
height5 feet, 8.5 inches
weight69 kg
Ethnic raceAsian
Net worth$10 million